Remote Work Models – IT Protection

Remote Work Models – IT Protection

Webinar Thumbnails 7 300x196 1Remote work models or Work from anywhere models are becoming increasingly necessary as we continue to face the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning of this health crisis many organizations struggled to move to a remote work model because they either didn’t have the technology or the security parameters they needed in place.

This prompted us to work with our partners at SonicWall to get a webinar out focused on how businesses can get these solutions and protect the most important aspects of their network from malicious attackers. In this webinar we dive deep into the security challenges many businesses faced in light of community shutdowns and social distancing.

Mobile Access

When your employees are operating remotely, you need to ensure they have full functionality on their mobile devices as well. This means that you should be working hard to secure all the files that may be shared via mobile device with Secure File Sharing. This process ensures that all files are broken down, scanned for threats, and shared in a matter of seconds. If you are looking to secure your remote work model, you need to make sure that your employees’ mobile access is not only running, but securely running.

Cloud / Software As A Service

Cloud Apps are used more than ever before. These apps are often link to important business operation tools such as your email. Cloud App Security is important whether you are in the office or working remotely, but with all the other security risks associated with working outside the office you should be hyper aware of the threats to your email. On top of being aware

Network Security Appliances

Network security appliances are the “machines” within your network that are designed to protect the entirety of the network. These are responsible for running security functions such as file scanning, malware scanning, and anti-virus scanning. If your employees are outside of the office, you need to be sure that these appliances are fully functional and doing its job properly. If this basic tool is not running at 100% then you could be leaving many critical business endpoints exposed to an attack.

Endpoint Exposure

As technology advances and we begin to integrate new software and new tools, our endpoint exposure grows. As this number gets higher and higher, so does our risk of a cybersecurity attack. SonicWall has designed their security solutions to go a step above the standard security requirements and instead deploys a security solution that is focused on protecting ALL your endpoints. This style of security system is especially helpful if you have different people or teams using different tools. Although the native security system in the app may work just fine, not having a secondary protective layer of security could leave you vulnerable to a major attack.


Wi-Fi security is a critical aspect of working from home. Although you may be able to guarantee the office Wi-Fi network is protected and secure, you cannot make the same assumption of an employee’s personal Wi-Fi network. The best way to safeguard against attacks coming in through wi0fi networks, you should deploy Secure Mobile Access across all of your devices. This offering from SonicWall allows you to manage every device on the network, while simultaneously protecting every device’s data. This sort of soultion is ideal for managing people working from home. If they are experiencing issues, a manager can simply login and trouble shoot the individual’s devices remotely. Stop worrying about the security of your data. Start spending more time worrying about your business.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics / solutions please request the webinar recording and the slide deck on this page. We are happy to help you ensure your business is secure.