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Upcoming Webinars:

End-of-Year Business Planning: Protecting Your Data in 2021 and Beyond

Cyber crime is a global epidemic, impacting companies of all sizes and industries. The impact of these crimes goes beyond just potential data loss. The more costly ripple effects are the business downtime and negative effects to the victim's reputation that accompany these attacks. Business downtime is much more common than you may think. Every business faces the risk of business interruption every day, from an employee clicking on something that they shouldn't have, hardware failure, the list just goes on and on. There are ways to protect your business from this loss of production time and data. We will explore real-world examples of downtime, and how you can protect yourself with a true business continuity solution. Join us to learn how to safeguard your organization in this presentation by Datto, the leader in Total Data Protection.

We will be joined by Jason Pryce Channel Development Manager a representative of our partner, DATTO. In this webinar he will go over:

  • Real-world examples of cyber security breaches
  • How a cyber security breach can ruin your reputation and business financials
  • How you can protect yourself and your business from malicious cybersecurity threats

Please join us as we aim to educate everyone in attendance on the cybersecurity threat landscape and how to avoid costly security errors.

Recent Webinars:

Cost Effective Remote Work Phone Systems for 2021 - End-of-Year Business Planning

With 2020 coming to an end, many businesses are looking forward to 2021 and planning for the coming year. Piggy-backing off of our Section-179 webinar, we will be hosting our partners from Star2Star to discuss cost effective phone systems that can both qualify for a tax break and benefit your business. Our guests will walk you through their newest work-from-anywhere solutions that helped businesses stay connected from a distance in a cost effective way.

We will be joined by Marji Lynn, Director of Star2Star - Pacific Northwest who will walk you through:

  • Why use Star2Star solutions
  • The latest Star2Star work-from-anywhere phone solutions
  • Bundles that could help you save $$$
  • How to use Section-179 and your new systems to save money on taxes in 2021

BONUS: We will be giving all attendees a $25 UBER Eats gift card as a thank you for spending your lunch with us. If you are interested in learning more about how you could be saving yourself money AND simultaneously providing your employees with the tools they need to operate seamlessly in 2021, then register for our webinar today.

Disclaimer: in order to qualify for the gift card you will need to register with a valid company email address and you will need to attend the entire event.

End-of-Year Business Tip: Save Money With Section 179 and Make the Most of IT Purchases

The end of the fiscal year is approaching quickly, but you still have time to save your business money with IT purchases. In this webinar we will be inviting our partners at Turning Point Consulting and GLP Tax and Accounting to discuss Section 179 - a tax break that many business owners don't take full advantage of. They will be discussing the tax break you could use to your advantage, with IT Purchases your business could benefit from.

Our expert guests:

  • Brian Miller, CEO of FusionTek
  • Alan Chafee, CFO at Turning Point Consulting
  • Derek Desjardins, CPA and Senior Tax Consultant at GLP

We will go over the following key ideas:

  • What is Section 179 and how does it work?
  • How does Section 179 benefit your company from a financial perspective?
  • Is Section 179 a break you should be taking advantage of?
  • The fine print and key points of qualifying for the tax break.

BONUS: We will be giving all attendees a $25 UBER Eats gift card as a thank you for spending your lunch with us. If you are interested in learning more about how you could be saving yourself money AND simultaneously providing your employees with the tools they need to operate seamlessly in 2021, then register for our webinar today.

Disclaimer: in order to qualify for the gift card you will need to register with a valid company email address and you will need to attend the entire event.

Maintaining Compliance in a Hybrid Workforce

HIPAA compliance in today's world is everything and failure to comply with modern rules of HIPAA compliance can be a costly mistake. If you are handling personal health information you need to understand that is it highly protected by modern regulations and protecting PHI with a secure cyber network is essential to running a successful business. That is why FusionTek partners with Compliancy Group - an organization that focuses on helping businesses stay compliant.

In light of COVID-19 Compliancy Group has seen a disturbing pattern of data handling mistakes due to the ever changing landscape of how people are receiving healthcare. In this webinar, Compliancy Group’s VP of Cybersecurity, Paul Redding clears the air of all the complexity and confusion around HIPAA in a hybrid workforce, and shows how Compliancy Group simplifies compliance so you can confidently focus on your business.

Your Secret Weapon in the War Against Cybercrime

Cybercrime is more rampant than ever. Companies are spending millions of dollars to hackers when they shouldn't have to. In this webinar, we will be discussing the various ways you can be proactive and protect your organization from security breaches. We will be joined by our partners at DATTO who will be available for questions after the webinar. Protecting yourself from costly ransomware attacks requires you to be proactive about your organization's IT security measures and that you have a plan and protocol in place to handle the worst-case scenario. We will help you prepare for both.

After this webinar:

  • You will understand a business IT landscape and all the endpoints that could be leaving you vulnerable to an attack.
  • You will learn about different solutions designed to help protect your business from malicious hackers.
  • You will leave the meeting with advice on different ways you can handle a major data attack.

BONUS: Lunch is on us!
We will be giving out $25 Uber Eats gift cards to all the attendees of this webinar. You must be in attendance for the entirety of the meeting to receive the gift card.

Team Collaboration - What is Microsoft Teams Business Voice

Team collaboration is key to any successful business. This collaboration goes beyond just working with your team, it means providing them the best tools to collaborate with your partners. Microsoft recently released their new Business Voice tool and our team has partnered with our friends at Straight Edge Technology to talk about everything a business owner would want to know about it.

Budgeting For IT Projects Amid the Chaos of COVID-19

WE RECOGNIZE the financial constraints many of our clients are experiencing right now and want to make sure you are aware of the variety of financial solutions we offer to help you maximize cash flow—and allow you to allocate your financial resources where they’re needed most!

In this webinar, we will be exploring different ways you can get the IT Support you need without breaking the bank. Our CEO Brian Miller will be on the line ready to discuss solutions that we offer to business owners to help them secure their business IT regardless of the price.

Remote Work Models - 5 Aspects of Remote Access Security That Could Be Leaving Your Business Vulnerable

Remote work models are becoming more popular among certain industries and the necessity to have the tools you need to operate remotely is coming to light. Join us for an opportunity to learn more about commonly overlooked security vulnerabilities and get answers to your questions about remote work security access.

Any business owner is aware that a single data breach has the ability to completely destroy a business. A breach in your network could lead to customers losing trust in you, lost revenue, and potentially a costly lawsuit. With many businesses operating from home, security vulnerabilities become more important. We have noticed, as well as our partners at SonicWALL, that many areas of business networks are being overlooked.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Cover 3 major security vulnerabilities you may not be aware of
  • Discuss solutions to mitigate your business's exposure working remotely
  • Open the line up for Q&A with Brian Miller, CEO of FusionTek

Making the move: Transitioning Your Business to Working Remotely

In partnership with the Puget Sound Alliance of Legal Administrators, we discuss how to successfully transition a business from the office to employees' homes.

As more businesses transition their operations to a remote work model, they're asking us questions about network security, collaboration platforms, and data back-up systems. Understanding your vulnerabilities is key to understanding your business's security and we are here to help.

In this live webinar, Brian Miller CEO of FusionTek, will walk you through:

  • Collaboration tools and the different options out there
  • Network security tests that can help you identify network vulnerabilities
  • How to keep your network secure while working remotely
  • Backing up your data in case of a major network issue

Then at the end, we will open the webinar up to the audience and allow you to ask our presenter questions.

Hackers Are Still At Work - 5 Tips to Secure Your Work While Working Remotely

Hackers never rest. In fact, they may be more active than ever. In the midst of COVID-19 more and more people are having to work from home, potentially leaving them vulnerable to an attack. If you are working from home more, you may be wondering about your home network security. How are you protecting your organization's data and information? In this webinar, we will be discussing ways you can keep your home and your work from being attacked by hackers.

Collaborating From a Distance: How to Stay Connected to Peers At Home

In the midst of COVID-19, telecommuting has become essential to keep businesses operational. We are here to help you fully prepared to take on the transition to working from home and we want to start by discussing the easiest ways to continue collaboration with teammates outside of the office.