Service Level Agreement

As part of a managed services agreement, FusionTek provides the following service level agreement schedule.

Category Description FusionTek Response Time FusionTek Resolution Time
Critical Priority (1) Incident Critical Business Impact. At least 25% of an office is impacted by the same incident impacting a business critical process or service.
Production Server is Offline
E-Mail is unavailable
15 Minutes 2 hours, temporary work-around (min.)
High Priority (2) Problem Significant Service Impact. At least 25% of an office is affected by the same incident, or a user’s production is severely impaired.
Business critical function impacts a single user.
Degradation in internet service.
2 hour 8 hours, temporary work-around (min.)
Medium Priority (3) Problem Limited Service Impact. Less than 25% of an office is affected but all business-critical functions are available.
User’s desktop is performing poorly with intermittent lockups.
One of User’s applications is performing poorly
4 hour 24 hours, temporary work-around (min.)
Low Priority (4) Problem or Task Isolated Service Impact. One user is affected but user is productive. Or pre-scheduled maintenance and deployment tasks. 8 hour As soon as possible. Best effort

SLA time is measured as FusionTek’s direct response time in business hours. Delays due to third-party vendors or end users are not applied against SLA times.