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IT compliance management for businesses in and around Seattle, Kirkland, and Alexandria

Is your business obligated to comply with HIPAA standards? No worries – FusionTek is HIPAA compliant and qualified to handle your HIPAA related needs.

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IT compliance can be difficult to manage. Whether you are auditing your network, dealing with HIPAA compliance, or NIST compliance, Fusiontek is equipped to help your team simplify compliance.

FusionTek offers comprehensive solutions to help your business handle audits and compliance checks. Many of these policies business need to be compliant with involve specific log information, security standards, and more.

Partnered with FusionTek for IT Compliance you will:

  • Get rid of any worries related to complicated IT compliance standards - don’t stress about the complicated lingo involved with IT compliance standards. Let our team sort through the checklists for you.
  • Outsource your compliance requirements to a reliable team - stop having employees manage compliance internally. This is a time consuming process. Instead let our team of professionals save your team time.
  • Optimize this process with the correct tools - let our team find the right tools for your business to make compliance easy. Stop digging up old documents and automate the process for consistent logging.
  • Be confident that compliance is handled correctly - IT compliance can be a complicated process that often leaves clients unsure they did everything correctly. Remove that ambiguity by letting experts lead the charge.
  • Protect your business - being non-compliant in highly regulated industries can cost your business money. Stop risking your business over easily managable compliance standards.

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