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Some of Our Business Cloud Services

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Prevent data loss. Our team can help you ensure your business data is ALWAYS backed up.

IT Cloud Infrastructure Design

Our team of IT professionals is ready to help you with your IT cloud infrastructure. We can help create the cloud infrastructure you need to support your organizations cloud solutions. We can help with things like: setting up an operable SharePoint account, implement cloud back-up solutions, and secure your cloud data.

Cloud Storage Services

Move your business to the cloud seamlessly with the support of professionals.

Third Party App Management

Stop dealing with technology that does not work. Let our team figure that out for you.

Ransomware Prevention and Recovery

Protect your business from malicious actors and hefty ransom costs.

Project Consulting

Have an upcoming IT project? Let our team help you better understand the scope and handle the project for you.

IT Cloud Management

IT cloud management is an important part of running a business. Our team can help you manage the IT cloud solutions you currently use. We can take care of cloud licenses, user set-up, and ensuring the data is protected and backed-up.

IT Cloud Migration

IT cloud migration projects can be cumbersome and time consuming if you don’t do them often. Our team handles these sorts of projects regularly and are more than capable of ensuring a smooth transition for your business. Learn more about our cloud migration services.

What you can expect with FusionTek

Responsive, Friendly Service

When you first signed up with your current IT company, they promised fast response times… but are they still delivering on it? Here at FusionTek, we offer a variety of ways to submit tickets and have a whole team devoted to getting your tickets processed quickly.

Cost-Effective IT Support

With FusionTek, you’ll get flat-fee support with no surprise bills. All you’re responsible for is one fair monthly fee, which simplifies your life by making your IT support easy to budget.

Fast, Secure Performance

IT disasters like being hacked or losing your data can be a nightmare for your business. That’s why we put so much focus on making sure your data and network are safe & secure. Sleep easy knowing your company is protected.

Save Time & Increase Productivity

Many small businesses lose productivity they do not even realize when a manager spends a great deal of his time handling IT issues. The savings in this alone can largely offset the cost of using a top-notch outsourced IT firm like FusionTek.

Collaboration simplified with Cloud Services

Is your business looking to implement cloud solutions or possibly need assistance managing your current cloud solution?

Here at FusionTek, we pride ourselves on giving world-class IT support to small and medium-sized local businesses. Our cloud solutions are designed to help your business. Proper solutions can allow your employees to work and collaborate with ease and protects your business from data issues. Cloud solutions should be managed with your business in mind, and we can help you get there. We can help with things such as cloud migration services, managing all solutions related to your cloud infrastructure, and protecting that data from disaster. To find out if we are a good fit, we recommend you get started by taking advantage of a quick 10-minute discovery call.

Our IT cloud services work for you, not against you.

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