Is Your Business Experiencing A Ransomware Attack?

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Our team of IT professionals is well equipped to handle your ransomware attack. If you are experiencing an attack at this time, please use the form below to contact our team. Someone from our team will be in touch immediately to help you remediate this attack.

Experiencing a Ransomware Attack?

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Our Process

We like to use the classic house analogy when it comes to ransomware attacks.
Think about this attack as if someone was physically breaking into your home.

Immediately lock the door the intruder came in through - Consult with our vetted security partners on immediate containment needs based on the severity of the attack.

Ransomware attacks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This is why working with an experienced team can help expedite the ransomware remediation process. We will begin by identifying what immediate steps need to take place such as: restricting access as necessary based on the attack, identifying and isolating data back-ups, and prompt organization wide password resets to prevent the malicious activity from spreading.

Make sure the intruder didn't leave an open window for re-entry - Review and assess the integrity of your systems and environment.

Our goal here is to do some learning on your specific ransomware case. This process is always different based on the attack and the business, but we customize this step to fit your needs. We want to identify how this likely occurred and what other vulnerabilities may exist to ensure we close any doors they may still try to use.

Get the house operations back to normal - Restore your operations so business can continue as usual.

The best way to get your company operational as fast as possible, is to focus on getting your core infrastructure restore. These would be areas such as, your network environment, critical business directories like the active directory, and to get back-ups running to prevent further loss.

Recover what is missing - Recover the information or data that the attacker ransomed.

Recovery is essential to making sure that your business comes out on top of this ransomware attack.

With the proper back-up protocols in place, some ransomware attacks are pointless because the data exists somewhere else that the business can recover it from. In this situation, our team is locking back up your home, getting things operating again, returning your missing items, and changing or adding new the locks.

Without the proper back-up protocols in place, ransomware can be more painful. No worries though, our team can help you recover whatever data is recoverable and get back your data integrity to a certain point in time.

Secure the house with new locks and possibly a new alarm system - Our team of IT professionals is well versed in handling ransomware attacks. Because of this, we are also very good at preventing them.

After a ransomware attack, most business want to increase their security to prevent attacks from occurring in the future. Our team is here to help you implement tools and processes that strengthen your security stance.

New Locks: This part of the analogy is referring to new passwords and protections being added to additional places in your network. Another powerful piece of this is adding multifactor authentication (MFA) at all endpoints to ensure that even if someone got your credentials, a secondary permission is requested via a personal device, making it harder for intruders to actually gain access to your network.

New Alarm: This part of the analogy is referring to new tools to help you monitor your network and to alert you of malicious activity or vulnerabilities that may pop up. A great way of preventing ransomware attacks is to consistently monitor your network for weakness and to close those as they appear.

Our team of experts can help you with:
- Infrastructure security hardening with tools and alert systems
- Network security assessments
- Implementing additional security protocols such as MFA
- Business migrations
- And more.

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Experiencing a Ransomware Attack?

Call our team now: (208)593-7880

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