Your IT Rx: Ensure your data is safe, secure and private.

In an increasingly regulated industry, how do you contain costs while maintaining the highest patient care standards? One way is by leveraging technology to improve efficiency and productivity.

FusionTek is familiar with the unique technology challenges and specialized applications of the legal industry. To keep your firm moving forward, you need a reliable network that keeps data safe, secure and private. To stay productive, your employees need round-the-clock access to their computer systems and straightforward retrieval of electronic files and research.

A stable, properly functioning computer network ensures your EMR/EHR/HIS/PMS software functions properly, increases efficiency, lowers costs, shortens the billing cycle, and frees up your staff to concentrate on patient care.

Here's how FusionTek will help:

  • FusionTek is officially HIPAA Compliant and can help you with the technology side of HIPAA requirements
  • Train your employees on HIPAA Compliance and general use of technology where necessary
  • Protect your electronic resources - and ensure legally mandated privacy
  • Increase staff members' productivity, so they can focus on patients
  • Make certain software is properly integrated for dependability
  • Ensure your computer network is solid and reliable

If you're looking for reasonably priced, professional technology management, you'll be interested in the services of FusionTek.

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Concerned about HIPAA Compliance?

Our team is happy to help you with all your HIPAA Compliance needs.

  • Network Audit and Security Testing  
  • Gap analysis and remediation -  
  • HIPAA Compliance Certification 
  • Documentation to Share with third parties