FusionTek is a proud partner of Illumio. In the era of rapidly escalating cyber threats, Illumio provides the only proven segmentation product suite purpose-built for Zero Trust security. Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation reveals risks, isolates attacks, and secures data across cloud- native applications, hybrid and multi-clouds, data centers and endpoints. We help the world’s leading organizations strengthen their cyber resiliency and reduce risk to prevent breaches from becoming cyber disasters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Illumio do?

Illumio is a simple and easy-to-use tool that offers businesses real-time visibility into their IT environment and the ability to stop the spread of cyber-attacks such as ransomware or malware – all from a single console. Our team uses Illumio to monitor our client’s networks to ensure all the users and devices on the network should really be there.

Why is segmentation beneficial to businesses?

This provides a faster, simpler, safer and less expensive way to accomplish security segmentation compared to alternative approaches:

  • Works Anywhere – Bare metal, VMs, Containers, DC, Cloud, co-lo
  • Ease of use
  • Single console
  • Scale & Reliability – Proven deployments on critical systems

With segmentation our team is able to manage the networks and all the info about them from a single console.

Why segment at the host vs. the network?

As threat actors become more advanced in their breaching methods, IT vendors like ourselves must advance as well. While network segmentation is still good practice, host segmentation allows for additional control.

Here are a few of the top reasons we choose to segment at the host:

  • Network security segmentation has limitations
  • Poor visibility makes it hard to know what policies are necessary
  • Heterogeneous environments do not have common controls
  • Existing network security policy is complex and fragile
  • Minor changes often require big implementation efforts
  • This allows the network to focus on reliability

Why is visibility so important?

This level of visibility is important for many reasons but here are a few our clients value:

  • Ability to understand risk, application dependencies, connectivity and pathways that can be leveraged by ransomware
  • Better understanding of applications for different teams
  • Better insight into technical debt
  • Enables collaboration and consensus between App Owners, OPS, Network and Security teams

Does this work in a work-from-home environment as well as corporate?

Yes, segmentation will work both on the network and in a work-from-home environment. With many business opting to have some sort of remote workforce, ensuring you are protected both in the office, and out, is essential to properly maintaining your organizations security

A New Approach to Cybersecurity

Illumio provides real-time visibility into your application traffic flows and scalable protection of your most important data through groundbreaking segmentation capabilities. You can quickly isolate core services, separate environments, ring-fence critical assets and control user access.

The Illumio product portfolio helps you at every step of your Zero Trust journey. You can move quickly to block ransomware while easily expanding to more comprehensive protection over time. Whatever your needs, our suite of capabilities makes advanced segmentation far easier and much more scalable than legacy approaches.

Stopping Cyber Disasters. That's What We Do.

See Your Risks

Understand your exposure to attacks with a comprehensive and crystal-clear view of the communication flows for your applications and data.

Isolate Breaches

Take rapid action to build your cyber resiliency. Isolate critical assets to protect your business against ransomware and cyberattacks.

Secure Your Data

Drive Zero Trust protection across your digital infrastructure by automatically, efficiently, and safely enforcing least- privilege security policies.
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