Why hire an outside IT company over hiring additional staff?

Hiring additional IT staff is often more costly than hiring an outside IT service company. IT service companies can provide you with the skills and expertise you are looking for without needing to break the bank hiring new technicians, specialists, or leadership.

What benefits come with hiring an IT service provider to work with our in-house IT crew?

Hiring an outside IT firm does not in any way take away from your in house IT staff, but rather compliments your team and enables them to do more.

What does a partnership with FusionTek look like?

Our team is there to assist your team with a variety of things, but first we will look over your infrastructure and processes in order to find we fit best and can help the most. Our team is able to help offload some of the work your team is used to doing. We will help your staff plan, upgrade, and monitor your systems, giving time back to your team to handle other IT issues that arise.

Do you have an IT staff but still find that you need assistance taking care of large projects or new deployments? Then a co-managed IT plan may be just right for you.

Many companies are finding that they need a trusted partner to help them fill the gaps of their growing business. FusionTek offers a customization and flexible solution to help your business manage it's growing IT needs, while also trying to keep costs down.

FusionTek is poised to serve businesses in the way that creates the most impact on the client. Our full managed service offering is designed to take any and all IT pain off our clients. We can help with a variety of tasks such as file/cloud management, on-boarding and off-boarding employees, managing basic hardware needs, and more.

Co-Managed Offerings

FusionTek Capabilities Summary

  • 24 x 7 Dispatch Team
  • In office staff available 13 x 5
  • Multiple Team Members available 24 x 7 for high / critical issues
  • Industry Standard Ticketing System
  • Ability to submit service request via email, app, phone or portal
  • All Technical Administrator / Engineer Staff Validated w/ 3rd Party
  • All Team Members Pass Background Check
  • HIPAA Training Complete for All Team Members
  • Insurance Liability Limits in Excess of XXX
  • Multiple Offices / Teams who are Direct Employees
  • FusionTek Capabilities Summary

IT Platform Management

  • Operating System Patching
  • Microsoft Application Patching
  • Core Windows Application Patching
  • Line of Business Application Updates
  • Server Monitoring and Health Management
  • Workstation Monitoring and Health Management
  • Firewall & Network Monitoring and Management
  • 3rd Party Vendor Management

Office 365 & Azure

  • Office 365 Licensing Options
  • Office 365 Built-In Multifactor Authentication