HIPAA Security and Compliance in 2021

In the chaos of COVID-19 many businesses are still unsure of when they can return to “normal” operations, which makes compliance more critical than ever. Our partners at The Compliancy

HIPAA Compliance Post COVID

Insights on the cost of July Data Breaches In July 2020 there were over 1.12 million people affected by data breaches – 1,123,850 people to be exact. This type of

Remote Work Models – IT Protection

Remote work models or Work from anywhere models are becoming increasingly necessary as we continue to face the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning of this health crisis many organizations

5 Tips to Secure Your Work Remotely

Did you know, in 2018 a study found that 95% of data breaches could have been prevented? During this critical public health emergency many of us are sheltering in place

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FusionTek receives the Channel Futures MSP 501 Award – For The Second Year In a Row

JUNE 19, 2023: The FusionTek team is honored to have been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers in the honorable Channel Futures 2023 MSP 501 rankings....

FusionTek Ranked on Channel Futures 2022 MSP 501—Tech Industry’s Most Prestigious List of Managed Service Providers Worldwide

Annual MSP 501 Identifies Industry’s Best-in-Class Businesses Growing Via Recurring Revenue and Innovation JUNE 14, 2022: FusionTek has been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers in...

New Microsoft Vulnerability You Need to Know About: CVE-2022-30190

A new Microsoft vulnerability has been found There is a new Microsoft vulnerability that has been discovered and it could be affecting your employees – and your business. Microsoft has...