Things are changing so quickly in the world of computers that we often find ourselves with outdated equipment shortly after making a purchase. If you have an old computer lying around your house that still functions, the worst thing you could do with it is throw it away. Here are 4 different ways to find a new role for your old PC.

Use older equipment for training. Older equipment is ideal for training because if you wreck it completely, there's no great loss.

Experiment. Use your old PC to download various software and test things you’re hesitant to try on your new computer. Software should be evaluated before being rolled out, in case there are compatibility issues. A trial session on a dispensable system is a great way to save a lot of future issues.

Donate to charity. If all of the above options don’t really interest you, you can always get some goodwill by donating it away to someone in need. There are quite a few non-profit organizations that use old computers for administrative or instructional purposes.

Recycle. If your computer is too old to be of use to someone or is damaged beyond repair, don’t throw it away, recycle it. Some computer manufacturers offer nationwide programs to help the environment by recycling used computers. check with the waste and recycling service in your city to find out if there are any special instructions to follow regarding the disposal of old computer equipment.

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